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Sweep The Hooch

Back for the tenth year, Sweep the Hooch is your chance to walk, wade, or paddle as we come together to clean up the river we all depend on. The event has three sites in & around Murphey Candler Park this year:

Site NameTypeDescription
Murphey Candler LakeWalker, PaddlerWalkers will circle the MCP shoreline and causeway for trash & debris, Waders will enter the low-lying shores and canoe/kayak paddlers will clean-out the lake areas for trash, debris, and fishing-line.
Nancy CreekWalkerWalkers will work along main Nancy Creek channel on both North and South sides for trash and debris. Waders will walk down the streambed looking to clear trash.
North Fork Nancy CreekWalkerWith walkers and waders, team will clear garbage from the stream and shoreline from I-285 down to Murphey Candler Lake


Full site list:


Aug 29 2020


9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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