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Horseshoe Loop Road

The City of Brookhaven is progressing on plans to open the Horseshoe “Loop” Road inside Murphey Candler Park to traffic and parking.  The MCNA opposes the loop road project as currently proposed. We have asked the City of Brookhaven to pause existing plans for the road so residents’ concerns can be appropriately addressed.

Community Green

The City is progressing on construction of a Community Green inside the “Loop Road” on the east side of Murphey Candler Park. MCNA believes the current plans for the Community Green/Amphitheater are beyond the scope of the Park Bond Master Plan. We have requested that the City pause any further plans on the community green and solicit public comment as it has done for the community center.

Lake House

A new “Lake House” (a.k.a Community Center) has been proposed in Murphey Candler Park at the corner of West Nancy Creek and Candler Lake West (currently the caretaker’s house). The MCNA position is that the new community center should be limited to the existing building’s footprint; the design of the building should be limited to an outdoor overlook and multi-purpose room; and parking should remain limited to the amount of spaces currently available.

School Redistricting

School Redistricting has been approved by the DeKalb County School Board for the 2020-2021 school year. This interim plan will directly impact the Murphey Candler area by re-purposing the Kittredge Magnet School as an annex for 330 Dunwoody Elementary school 4th and 5th graders. Further redistricting measures are expected to be proposed in the near term.

I-285 Expansion

GDOT has proposed multiple projects to expand I-285 between Ashford Dunwoody Road and Chamblee Dunwoody Road. These projects have the potential to negatively impact our neighborhood for the benefit of commuters from outside the Perimeter.

Water Quality & Pollution

With Murphey Candler Park Lake and many other waterways within our neighborhood boundaries, water quality, pollution, and runoff are important issues for our residents to monitor and engage on.