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Proposed By-Laws Amendments August 2020

At the August 19th MCNA Regular Meeting, the MCNA Board proposed amendments to the MCNA by-laws. A vote will be held to accept or reject these amendments at the next MCNA regular meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Detail of proposed By-laws amendments (PDF 324 KB)

Proposed By-laws reflecting proposed amendments (PDF 179 KB)

Current By-laws amended 9/24/2014 (PDF 238 KB)

Summary of proposed amendments

Item 1 – Membership

  • Redefine geographic area to include all areas north of Nancy Creek and south of I-285 and between Ashford Dunwoody and Chamblee Dunwoody Roads except the D’Youville condominiums.
  • Add section 2.4 to define household in Good Standing for purposes of voting.

Item 2 – Text messaging

  • Add text messaging as an acceptable method of communication

Item 3 – Name change and clean up

  • Change name from “Murphey Candler Homeowners’ Association” (MCHA) to “Murphey Candler Neighborhood Association” (MCNA)
  • Move three sections from Article 1 into newly added Article 2 “MEMBERSHIP” and re-number remaining sections
  • Correct grammatical errors