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Loop Road Survey Results

Results of the MCNA Loop Road survey are in! We received a total of 73 responses, with neighborhood respondents overwhelmingly opposed to the City’s plans for the loop road.

Loop Road Concerns

Rate your concerns with opening the Loop Road to traffic and parking.

Survey Results - Concerns

Loop Road Benefits

Rate potential benefits to opening the loop road and adding parking.

Survey Results - Potential Benefits

Presenting the Results

MCNA President Zane Douglass made a statement to the Brookhaven City Council regarding the Loop Road during the July 28th City Council meeting. Watch the video — Zane’s statement begins at the 13:45 mark. Read the full statement (PDF 108 KB).

Based on the survey results, and feedback we have received during member meetings, the Murphey Candler Neighborhood Association opposes the loop road project as currently proposed.

We ask that the Council pause existing plans for the loop road so that the residents’ concerns can be appropriately addressed. We ask that the City revisit the loop road design so that the project can be scaled back to address the top concerns of protecting the safety of pedestrians and children and preserve the existing natural state of the park, by prohibiting vehicle traffic and parking on the loop road. Prior to moving forward with any of the existing plans, we ask that you allow the association to present a formal proposal outlining alternatives.

Additionally, comments by Zane and results of the survey were featured in an August 1st Reporter Newspapers Article by Erin Schilling – “Residents oppose reopening road in Brookhaven’s Murphey Candler Park”.

Stay up to date with the latest developments on our Loop Road page and the Facebook group.