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Murphey Candler Park Alternative Master Plan

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Guiding Principals

  • Minimize disturbance to trees within the park
  • Limit vehicle circulation to the edge of the park
  • Expand parking opportunities at the boundary between the park and the neighborhood.
  • Expand pedestrian connectivity at park perimeter to connect new park elements.
  • Provide universal access where feasible (ADA)

Design Program

  1. HORSESHOE LOOP PATH: repave existing loop reducing the width to 12’ wide. This width can still accommodate maintenance vehicles and multi-use trail users. 0 tree impact.
  2. WOODLAND MEADOW AMPHITHEATER: terrain fitting natural turf amphitheater. Minimal regrading needed to enhance the natural bowl. View a PDF of this area. Area was already impacted by tree cutting.
  3. WOODLAND MEADOW OVERLOOK: accessible 20’x15’ permeable surfaced multi use patio area that can accommodate small gatherings and also be used for small performances. Minimal tree root zone impacts, 0 trees removed.
  4. ACCESSIBLE MEADOW PATH: 5’ wide concrete path connecting the parking lot (#6) to the 2 upper shelters, the woodland meadow overlook and the lower loop path. Minimal tree root zone impacts, 0 trees removed.
  5. EXISTING NATURAL SURFACED TRAIL TO PLAYGROUND: Minor upgrades and enhancements to refresh mulch surface and connect to new playground sidewalk. 0 tree impact.
  6. SOUTH LOOP ROAD ACCESSIBLE PARKING: small parking lot at south end of loop road with 6 +2 ADA parking spaces. Minimal tree root zone impacts, 0 trees removed.
  7. LAKE LOOP – HORSESHOE LOOP CONNECTOR PATH: Pave existing path clearing with 8’ wide ADA path connecting the Horseshoe Loop path the Lake Loop path. Minor tree impacts with no loss.
  8. EAST NANCY CREEK NORTH PARKING: pave existing gravel parking, preferably with permeable paving. 33 +2 ADA spaces per the city’s current plan. 0 tree impact.
  9. EAST NANCY CREEK NORTH PARKING EXPANSION: add 4 spaces to proposed parking. One existing tulip poplar (not in good shape) will need to be removed.
  10. EAST NANCY CREEK PARALLEL PARKING: add 38 parallel 90 degree parking spaces along the road. 0 tree impact.
  11. EAST NANCY CREEK PARALLEL PARKING: add 13 parallel parking spaces along the road. 0 tree impact.
  12. EAST NANCY CREEK MULTI-USE CONNECTOR PATH: 10’ paved multiuse path connecting the existing community green, new parking, existing tennis, and the Horseshoe loop area. 0 tree impact.
  13. LOWLAND NATURAL SURFACE PATH: 4’ wide mulch path exploring the enhanced lowland forest area. 0 tree impact.
  14. UPLAND NATURAL SURFACE PATH: 4’ wide mulch path exploring the enhanced upland forest area. 0 tree impact.

Woodland Meadow Amphitheatre

1 thought on “Murphey Candler Park Alternative Master Plan”

  1. I am not a fan of using pavement for additional parking, but If this is a necessary trade off for doing these plans instead of the current Brookhaven Administrations proposal to open up the inside of the area between the playground and Lake to cars and daily park it I support this plan and think it is great idea, with the understanding that the City is also adding 75 parking spaces on the other side of the Lake and while this is a regional park, it is also serviced only by 2 lane residential streets and at some point there is only so much traffic the park should have to live with. Lets make pedestrian and bike accessibility better and get the leagues to explore better carpooling or scheduling practices. Kudos to those who developed these plans – a far superior proposal than the plan that Mayor Ernst and Council Member Jones have refused to budge from.

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